WordPress Blogs should I follow

13 thoughts on “WordPress Blogs should I follow”

      1. I really enjoyed reading your poetry. I learned many new words from you. Thanks.. I’m glad I know you now. Definitely will come back to continue reading from where I left =)


  1. What kind of poetry do you like reading?If you are a fan of contemporary writers and minimalism,do check out blogs of Paul.F.Lenzi, Christophermcgeown..their poems are out of this world.
    And yeah,do check out my blog too:p would love your opinion

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  2. I have a system: every person who either likes or comments on my blog post, I check out theirs. Sometimes that leads me to reading more, if I like what I read. It can turn into a ‘rabbit hole’ but if you are searching, giving your time back to those who give you thier time seems fair.

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    1. I love all pictures you took ! You have sense of art.. Keep being positive in your life. Only then you’ll be surrounded by positive vibes. Looking forward for your new post =) Especially when you include all those great pictures !

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